Parliament of Tanzania

Committee Types

  1. House Keeping Committees
    1. Steering Committee
    2. Standing Orders Committee
    3. Parliamentary Privileges, Ethics and Powers Committee
  2. Sector Committees
    1. Agriculture, Livestock and Water Committee
    2. Infrastructure Development Committee
    3. Energy and Minerals Committee
    4. Industries, Trade and Enviroment Committee
    5. Constitution and Legal Affairs Committee
    6. Administration and Local Governments Affairs Committee
    7. Social Services and Community Development Committee
    8. Land, Natural Resources and Tourism Committee
    9. Foreign Affairs,Defense and Security Committee
    10. Subsidiary Legislations Committee
  3. Crosscutting Committees
    1. Budget Committee
    2. HIV and AIDS Committee
  4. Watchdog Committees
    1. Public Accounts Committee
    2. Local Authorities Accounts Committee
    3. Public Investments Committee

Hon. Job Y. Ndugai

Speaker of the National Assembly

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Ms. Nenelwa J. Mwihambi

Clerk of the National Assembly

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Member of the Parliament

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