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Malawi Parliament calls for more cooperation with Tanzania

Speaker of the National Assembly of Tanzania and the Chairperson of the Parliamentary Service Commission Rt. Hon. Anne Semamba Makinda chairing a meeting when the delegation of the…
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Baroness Lindsay meet Speaker Makinda

Speaker of the Tanzania National Assembly Rt. Hon Anne Semamba Makinda in deep talk with the United Kingdom Parliamentary Under-Secretary of the State for International Development, Baroness Lindsay Northover, when…
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Zitto Kabwe ang'atuka Ubunge

Siku ya Ijumaa tarehe 20 Machi, 2015 Bunge liliandika historia pale aliyekuwa Mbunge machachari wa Kigoma Kaskazini kupitia Chama cha Demokrasia na Maendeleo (CHADEMA), Bwana Zitto Zuiberi Kabwe…
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The EXCOM of the CPA Africa Region brings Africa to Tanzania

The Parliament of the United Republic of Tanzania this week will host the 67th Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) Africa Region Executive Committee meeting in Dar es Salaam. The…
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The CPA Africa Region Secretary General Dr. Thomas Kashilah makes his point during the CWP Steering Committee at the 68th CPA Africa Region EXCOM Meeting in Dar es Salaam this…
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South Sudan Parliament in tie with Tanzania

The Clerk of the National Assembly of the United Republic of Tanzania, Dr. Thomas Kashilillah, (fore left) welcomes the the Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee Members of South Sudan…
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Malawi Parliament calls for close relationship

The head of delegation of the Parliamentary Service Commission of Malawi Hon. Commisiioner Ralph Jooma MP, (right) and…....
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Kamati ya Bajeti kupokea maoni ya Wadau




Katibu wa Bunge anapenda kuwatangazia Wadau wote kuwa, Kamati…....
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Kamati za PAC za Tanzania na Sudani Kusini zakutana Dar

Mwenyekiti wa Kamati ya Hesabu za Mashirika ya Umma wa Bunge la Tanzania Mhe. Zitto Zuberi Kabwe (kulia)…....
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The head of delegation of the Parliamentary Service Commission of Malawi Hon. Commisiioner Ralph Jooma MP, (right) and…


Parliamentary Committees

The services of the Speaker and his deputies, and those of the permanent officers who are at the Speaker's disposal are not the only auxiliaries to which the House has recourse for the dispatch of its work: with a view to the efficient performance of its role it is accustomed to Parliament to appoint temporary composite bodies from among its own membership, which we refer to as Committees.