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Hon. Dr. Immaculate Sware Semesi






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Education Background

Year Level School Awards
1990 - 1993 Secondary School Jangwani Secondary School CSEE
1994 - 1996 Secondary School Tambaza Secondary School ACSEE
1997 - 2000 Bachelor Degree Univesity of Dar es Salaam Bachelor
1983 - 1989 Primary School Mlimani Primary School CPEE
2000 - 2002 Masters Degree Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Norway Masters Degree
2006 - 2009 PhD Stockholm University, Sweden PhD

Training Background

Year School Awards

Electorial History

DP Constituent Term Party Member Type


Title Year
Seaweed Farming in Wio Region-A Success Story? 2011
Seagrass Photosynthesis Controls of Calcification and Photosynthesis in Calcareus Maoroalgae 2009
Calcification + Photosynthesis Responses of a Caralline Algae to Changes in Seawater pH + Elevated CO2 (Carbondioxide) 2009
The Coastal Vegetation of Chwaka Bay 2012
Local uses of Seaweeds in Coastal Fishing Villages of Tanzania 2003
Status and Utilizatin of Sea Turtles in Tanzania 2003
Photosynthesic utilization of inorganic carbon by seagrasses from Zanzibar, East Africa 1997
The Dar es Saaam marine reserves: Coral reef status, restoration and Potential for Ecotourism 2000
Ecological and socio-economic impacts of farmed Eucheuma seaweeds in Zanzibar, Tanzania 2002
Seawater pH as a controlling factor in Macroalgal calcification and Photosynthesis 2009
Tanzania's Lake Victoria basin Vegetation 2012
Seagrass meadows in Chwaka Bay: Socio-ecological and Management Aspects 2012
Carbonate Production by Calcareous Algae in a seagrass - Dominated system: The example of Chwaka Bay 2012

Other institutions

# Duration Position Name
1 2015 - 2020 Member of Parliament Parliament of Tanzania


# Duration Position Name
1 2015 - 2018 Member Agriculture, Livestock and Water Committee

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  • Asked 8 Primary Questions.
  • Asked 38 Supplementary Questions

Work Expirience

Year Position Organization
2013 - 2015 Project Coordinator World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)
2011 - 2012 Programme Coordinator Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association (WIOMSA)
2002 - 2003 Research Officer TRAFFIC East/Southern Africa (TESA)
2003 - 2015 Lecturer University of Dar es Salaam