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Member of Parliament CV

Salutation Hon. Member picture
First Name: Dr. Dalaly
Middle Name: Peter
Last Name: Kafumu
Member Type: Elected Member
Constituent: Igunga
Political Party: Chama Cha Mapinduzi
Office Location: P.O. Box 167 Igunga
Office Phone: +255 755 202 782 Office Fax:
Office E-mail:
Member Status: Active
Date of Birth 4 August 1957
School Name/Location Course/Degree/Award Start Date End Date Level
Itumba Primary School, Igunga - Tabora CPEE 1966 1972 Primary School
Milambo Secondary School, Tabora CSEE 1973 1976 Secondary School
Mkwawa High School. Iringa ACSEE 1977 1978 Secondary School
University of Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania B.Sc. (Geology) 1980 1983 Bachelor
International Institute for Aerospace Sciences, the Netherlands P.G.Diploma (Mineral Exploration) 1990 1991 Postgraduate Diploma
University of Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania P.G. Diploma (Education) 1985 1986 Postgraduate Diploma
Free University of Brussels, Belgium M.Sc. (Quaternary Geology) 1993 1995 Masters Degree
Free University of Brussels, Belgium Doctor of Science (D.SC.(Environment Geology) 1996 2000 PhD
Company Name Position From To
The Parliament of Tanzania Member - Igunga Constituency 2011 2015
The School of Mines and Petroleum Engineering (Univeristy of Dodoma) Board Member 2009 Todate
State Mining Corporation Board (STAMICO) Board Member 2009 Todate
Ministry of Energy and Minerals Commissioner for Minerals 2006 2011
Sokoine University of Agriculture, Morogoro, Tanzania Part-Time Lecturer 2006 2008
Contactors Registration Board (CRB) Board Member 2006 Todate
Ministry of Energy and Minerals Head of Communications (Spokesperson) 2004 2006
The Tanzania Journal of Earth Sciences Editor 2004 Todate
The Tanzania Geological Society Editor 2003 2010
Commissioner for Minerals of the Ministry of Energy & Minerals Head of Promotion and Statistics 2002 2004
Mining Cadastre Nordic Funded Project Assistant Project Manager 2002 2002
The Geological Survey of Tanzania, Dodoma Senior Environmental Geologist 2000 2002
Ministerial Tender Board (MTB)-Ministry of Energy & Minerals Chairperson 2000 Todate
TANZANET (Worldwide Tanzania Internet Forum) Vice Chairman 1999 2000
Quaternary Environmental and Climatic Reconstruction, Olduvai Gorge Tanzania Doctoral Research Fellow 1997 2000
Open University of Tanzania Part-Time Lecturer 1995 2001
The Geological Survey of Tanzania Senior Geologist 1992 1997
Mineral Resources Institute, Dodoma Vice Principal, Lecturer and Academic Coordinator 1986 1992
Geological Survey of Tanzania , Dodoma Mineral Exploration Geologist 1983 1986
Description Date
Kafumu, P.D (2010): The Mineralogy and geochemistry of sands dunes occuring in the Eastern Serengeti Plains - Northern Tanzania. In Press: Tanzania Journal of Earth Science. 2010
Kafumu, P.D (2004): Paleoclimatological significance of paleosol levels occuring in the Miocene - Pleistocene stratigraphy of the Manonga - Wembere Valley in Central Tanzania. Episodes 27(2), 107 - 111. 2004
Kafumu, P.D. and Paepe, R. (2003): The Quaternary stratigraphy and its associated fossil fauna and flora of the Holili area, NE Tanzania. Journal of African Earth Sciences 36, 245 - 250. 2003
Paepe, R., Van Overloop, E., Hoover, R.B., Nassopoulou, S., Kafumu, P.D. and Wang, D. (2003): Red Soils on Earth and their significance for Mars; In Richard B. Hoover, Alexei Yu Razanov and Roland Paepe (eds) Instruments, Methods and Missions for Astrobilogy; Proceedings of SPIE, Volume 4859, pp. 93 -107. 2003
Kafumu, P.D (2002): Discussion: "Mineralogy and chemistry of bentonite (?) deposits of Minjingu, Lake Manayara, North Tanzania" [By M K D Mutakyahwa, Vol. 34(3-4) pp 213 - 221], Journal of African Earth Sciences 35(4) 523. 2002
Van Overloop, E., Paepe, R., Ilunga, L.P., Kaseba, S., Kafumu, P.D. and Musisi, J. (1998): The Quaternary geology around the Great Lakes in Central Africa: Pluvials and Interpluvials are not the equivalent of Glacials and Interglacials. In G. Demarree, J. Alexandre and M. De Dapper (eds); Climatology, Meteorology abd hydrology in memory of Franz Bulton (1924 - 1995) pp 142 -175. Brussels; Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium and Royal Academy of Overseas Sciences, Brussels, Belgium. 1998
Kafumu, P.D., (2005): Golden Returns for Tanzania: Mining Magazine 193(2) (pp20 - 30). 2005
Kafumu, P.D., (2004): Tanzania: Six mines in six years. Mining Journal, London, June 4, 2004; (pp18 - 20) 2004
Kafumu, P.D. Petro, F.N., and Mulabwa D., (2006): Investigations of the Oldoinyo Lengai Volcanic Eruption of 28th - 29th March 2006. The Geological Survey of Tanzania, Dodoma. 2006
Kashabano J.B., Semkiwa, P., Kafumu, P.D and Mbawalla, F., (2003): The geology of QDS 121 (Misaki); Singida Rural; with map of 1:100,000 scale. The Geological Survey of Tanzania, Dodoma. 2003
Muhongo, S., Kafumu, P.D. and Mfaume, P. (1996): Technical notes; List of geological sites (geo-sites) from East Africa: World Geological Heritage List: UNESCO, 9p 1996
Temu, E.B., Kafumu, P.D., Marwa, E.E., and Abrahamu, A., (1993): Preliminary report on the assessment of the reported fault in the Lakes Manyara - Natron area. Mineral Resources Department, Dodoma. 1993
Kafumu, P.D. (2000). The Quaternary Stratigraphy and Environments of Olduvai George - Tanzania, Based on Fossils soils and related datings; 413p Ph.D. Thesis at the Free University of Brussels, Belgium. 2000
Kafumu, P.D., (1995): The Paleosols in the lithosequences of the Olduvai George Beds - Tanzania, 82p, M.Sc. Thesis at the Free University of Brussels, Belgium. 1995
Kafumu, P.D. (2011a): Fear of the Future Cause of Corruption: The Citizen: Political Correspondent; 29th June 2011. 2011a
Kafumu, P.D. (2011b): Anticorruption Crusade Remains a Nightmare: The Citizen: Political Correspondent; 15th June 2011. 2011b
Kafumu, P.D. (2011): Is Loliondo Genuine in the Christian Belief? The Citizen; 31st March 2011. 2011
Kafumu, P.D. (2009): Uranium Exploration and mining in Tanzania Safe: The Guardian Newspaper; 19th November 2009. 2009