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Member of Parliament CV

Salutation Hon. Member picture
First Name: Kabwe
Middle Name: Zuberi
Last Name: Zitto
Member Type: Elected Member
Constituent: Kigoma Kaskazini
Political Party: Chama cha Demokrasia na Maendeleo
Office Location: P.O.Box 325, Kigoma
Office Phone: +255 713 730 256 Office Fax: +255 22 2112538
Office E-mail:
Member Status: Resigned
Date of Birth 24 September 1976
School Name/Location Course/Degree/Award Start Date End Date Level
Kigoma Primary School CPEE 1984 1990 Primary School
Kibohehe Secondary School CSEE 1994 1995 Secondary School
Tosamaganga Secondary School ACSEE 1997 1998 Secondary School
Galanos Secondary School ACSEE 1996 1996 Secondary School
Kigoma Secondary School CSEE 1991 1994 Secondary School
Inwent -IHK, Bonn, Federal Republic of Germany Advanced Training on International Marketing 2003 2004 Advanced Diploma
University of Dar es Salaam BA (Economics ) 1999 2003 Bachelor
Bucerius Law School, Germany MLB 2009 2010 Masters Degree
Otto Beisheim School of Management, Germany PhD 2011 To Date PhD
Company Name Position From To
Ministry of Finance - PSU (NSA Support for Cotonou Agreement) Moderator 2005 To Date
Ministry of Finance -Tanzania & Ministry of Trade & Industries Event Manager 2005 To Date
The Parliament of Tanzania Member - Kigoma North 2005 Todate
IHK - Bonn & TIC-Tanzania (Business Mission to SIAL Pans) Project Manager 2004 2004
Chama Cha Demokrasia na Maendeleo - CHADEMA Director, Campaigns and Elections 2004 Todate
Friedrich Ebert Foundation - FES Project Manager 2004 2005
Tanzania Gender Network (TGNP) Training & Research Internship 2002 2002
National Youth Forum (NYF) Programme Officer 2000 2002
Ministry/Political Party/Location Position From To
CHADEMA Deputy Secretary General 2007 To Date
CHADEMA Secretary Parliamentary Group 2006 To Date
CHADEMA Director Foreign Office 2004 To Date
DARUSO Secretary General 2002 2003
Tanzania Students Networking Programme (TSNP) Chief Executive Officer 2001 2003