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Tanzania Parliament consists of the following categories of members: (Article 66 of the Constitution)

  1. Members elected to represent constituencies.
  2. Women members whose number shall increase progressively starting with twenty per cent of the members named in sub-paragraphs (1), (3) and (4) of this paragraph, to be elected by the political parties that are represented in the National assembly in terms of Article 78 of the Constitution and on the basis of proportional representation amongst those parties.
  3. Five members elected by the Zanzibar House of Representatives from among its members,
  4. The Attorney General.
  5. Not more than ten members appointed by the President

The 2010 general elections produced the following numbers:

1. Members elected from the same number of constituencies. 239
2. Special seats women members. 102
3. Members elected by the Zanzibar House of Representatives. 5
4. Attorney General. 1
5. Members appointed by the President. 10
  Grand Total . 357