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Tanzania Parliament like its counterparts, in other countries, is the Supreme Legislature of the country. It consists of the President of the United Republic and the National Assembly. It grants money for running the administration of the country and is a very effective instrument for overseeing Government programs and plans. It can also oversee the action of the Executive by being a watchdog to ensure that government is accountable for its administration. The most important function of Parliament is to make laws. The subjects on which Parliament can legislate have been laid down in the Constitution. Parliament is sovereign in the sphere of Legislation. The scheme of our Constitution being a United Republic, the Tanzania parliament that is a Union Parliament exercises autonomous powers in the sphere of both Union and Non union Matters which are not under the purview of Zanzibar Government.

In view of that parliament can assumes the following roles:

  • To pass laws for the good governance.
  • To provide, by giving legislative sanction to taxation and acquisition
    of means to carrying out the work of the government.
  • To scrutinize government policy and administration, including
    proposal for expenditure; and to debate major issues of the day.